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Yes. We have no contract and PhotoPro is free. Just set up an account and add your first customer.

As a photographer, PhotoPro is free. There is no limit to the number of client galleries you can upload.

No problem. You can keep your website to display information about your services and business. We let you brand a login page for your customers through PhotoPro and handle the e-Commerce. You simply login to PhotoPro to upload session photos and view your sales metrics, order history and other information. Customers are notified via email that photos are ready and given a link to view/select.

No. If you just want to sell digital files, you simply set no minimum print purchase. You can charge for digital files through PhotoPro or on your own. Digital files are delivered through You still get paid if they do order prints.

Yes. We allow you to brand a login page to reflect your business.

There is no limit on the number of client’s galleries that can be displayed at one time.

No. Just login to access your account and upload photo session pictures.

Prints are available for purchase forever. We do strive to get an order in the first week. However, if a customer orders a print, canvas or any other item 5 years later, the photographer is paid.

The photographer has the ability to set a minimum order for professional prints. After the professional print minimum is met, customers can order non-professional prints. The photographer is also paid on non-professional prints.

You don’t pay for shipping and you have the choice to ship prints directly to your customer or to yourself.

Customers receive their digital files in a account. is a digital family album. Customers can add their own photos and videos that also appear as posts. It organizes photos and videos chronologically and has unique filtering methods to make finding pictures easy. Users can also pass pictures and videos down to future generations.

Yes. Every account is private. While the app has the feel of social media style experience, you cannot simply search randomly to find other users and view their photos. You can give access to other people to view your Genlines family timeline. In order to invite someone to do this, you need to know their phone number or email.

Yes. Photos and videos can be shared 3 ways: 1. Through the app privately with another app user you have connected with. 2. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 3. Via text or email

Yes. As of Q2 2018, customers will be able to order prints through the Genlines App. If your photos are ordered by anyone, you receive payment.

Yes. Genlines stores family photos and videos forever. The cost is $50 per year for the subscription. Most customers investing hundreds of dollars for family photos appreciate the guarantee that their special moments will be there forever.

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